Going Going Gone


This week, we found out the Red Sox are losing a popular figure of Red Sox Nation, someone who certainly excites the fanbase. No, I’m not talking about Big Papi’s injury. NESN announced Hazel Mae will be leaving the station at the end of this month.

Like many hetero male Sox fans, I’ve enjoyed Hazel’s . . . reporting. And she will be missed. I don’t know who they’ll replace her with, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet it will be an attractive female. NESN has brought on all female reporters over the last few years in an effort to bring more female fans into Red Sox Nation. Us guys could charge sexism; after all, why not hire guys and gals at least 50-50? Instead, we have a steady stream of these attractive young female reporters — Mae, Katherine Tappet, Heidi Whatley, and others. Now, NESN at times seems less like a sports network and more like a club I want to hang out in. Don’t get me wrong, their reporting skills are excellent and they all seem to have very solid baseball knowledge. I do respect them. I don’t want to be seen as a sexist pig . . . even if the snout fits. Anyway, I’m not going to complain.

Of course, we also lost Big Papi to the DL this week, and who knows for sure when he’ll be back and close to 100 percent. Obviously, losing one of the game’s most imposing hitters will hurt tremendously. But it shouldn’t sink the Sox. This is a deep lineup. Heck, even Drew has shown signs of using the wall. He does that, and this team should be fine.



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