Spring Has Sprung


Spring has sprung. Last week, pitchers and catchers reported for spring training, and this week it’s the position players. And so begins the long, often torturous journey toward the beginning of the season.

Sure, now it’s good. After a winter of starving for baseball, we now get our fill of stories about guys like Big Papi and Victor Martinez. But this will soon dry up, like it does every spring. The stories about the main players will soon all be told, and baseball reporters desperate for more articles out of spring training will be feeding us features on any 29-year-old prospect still hoping to someday make the bigs as a mediocre, junktime-eating middle reliever. We get a brief rush when actual baseball games begin again, even though we end up watching a glorified Pawtucket game. Then that gets old fast, and we’re left waiting, desperately for the actual season to begin.

But I’ll take it. It’s baseball, and, like everyone else, I’ll devour every Sox article I can get, and look forward to those first few spring training games, when all seems right with the world and better days are right around the corner.


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