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Sox Take 2 of 3


  • Last night’s game was a perfect example of the old adage that it takes everyone on the roster to win a championship (unless one of those guys is Eric Gagne). Last night, with the bullpen hurting and Daisuke back to being Daisuke, guys like Javier Lopez and David Aardsma stepped up to play key roles in an important win over the Yankees. Aardsma’s a guy who might not even be on this team in a few months. But if the Sox go on to win the division or make the playoffs by just two or three games, it is because of performances like this. And this is why when you win a championship you give everyone who appeared on your team a ring (except Eric Gagne).
  • Mike Timlin is just coming off the DL, so it is too early to be worried about his woeful performances lately. That being said . . . I’m really worried about Mike Timlin.
  • Sure, I’m a diehard Sox fan, but this being April, I changed the channel in the third inning to watch the season finale of Rock of Love II. It was awesome, and Brett Michaels did not disappoint, dumping the hopelessly annoying and sort of hot – but in a very store-bought, plastic, discount-mediocre-surgery-gone-wrong kinda way – Daisy, and instead choosing the charming and cute-but-not-stripper-hot Amber. Of course, Brett – being the gentleman he is – flew them both to Cancun and apparently slept with each of them before making his final decision. And this is why I tell my wife I should have had a reality show contest to decide who to marry . . . or at least who to hook-up with for a few weeks before the start of the show’s next season.
  • Anyway, after the hour-and-a-half show, we turned back to the game and were amazed to see it was only the fifth inning. At first, I thought there must have been a rain delay. Then, since my wife has Daisuke on her fantasy team, I made a joke that he had walked six people. What a surprise to find out I was right. Guess it was too soon to get excited by his command the last few games. Uh oh.
  • Glad to get the games back on NESN tonight. Is it a job requirement that all national baseball broadcasters have to suck?



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Wang Is Big


Here’s the funny thing about baseball — and you’re going to think I’m crazy (and insanely stupid) for saying this — but I actually think the Red Sox hit Wang rather well tonight.

(Insert laughter here.)

Honestly, I do. Sure, Bobby Abreau snags J.D. Drew’s utterly catchable home run, and Wang is flirting with a no-no. So how can any mildly sane person say the Sox hit him well tonight? My take is this: Wang is overwhelmingly a groundball pitcher. And tonight you saw a lot of flyball outs, including at least a half-a-dozen that were deep, warning track shots, some to the deepest angles of centerfield. And that’s the funny thing about baseball: Three feet over to the left here, a few more feet back there, and it may have been a different game. If you had told me before the game Wang would give up so many flyballs, you could have got me to put down money on the Sox winning.

Problem was, when Wang wasn’t slipping by with deep flyball outs, he was completely dominant, showing off great stuff tonight, including a biting fastball I don’t remember him having. Meanwhile, I was real happy with Clay Bucholz’s showing. And, although people will complain about the bullpen, you know Mike Timlin is coming off an injury and will pitch better. And David Aardsma is beginning to show he has good tools.

It’s a loss to the Yankees. This will happen at least another seven or eight times over the course of the season. But it’s a long, long season.

Toronto Thoughts


  • Not too bummed about last night’s loss. It’s going to happen. Aardsma is a former first round pick, and he has pitched well out of the pen for the White Sox. He has the talent, so it would be great to see him put it together and give the Sox another solid arm out of the pen. But, then again, maybe he’ll just end up being Bobby Howry or Rudy Seanez (bums here, good elsewhere).
  • I thought Wakefield pitched well overall. . . although that was to be expected with the roof closed.
  • With the lights off and spotlights on the players during Toronto’s opening ceremonies, it seemed less of an Opening Ceremony and more of a production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
  • I loved Toronto’s throwback jersies last night. They should wear them more often. I know people said they didn’t like them and they were ugly, and to that I say “duh.” But it is still cool.
  • Did I hear Jerry Remy right and call Roberto Alomar a borderline Hall-of-Famer? You gotta be kidding me. You’d have a hard time thinking of a better secondbaseman . . . ever. He may not have played 20 years, but the lifespan of a secondbasemen’s career is generally shorter than other players. He had an incredible mix of awesome offensive skills and some of the greatest defense you’ll ever see. And if you want to question how influential he was, just look at the teams he not only played for, but was a core piece of during the 1990s: world champion Toronto Blue Jays, an elite Baltimore Orioles squad, that monstrous Cleveland Indians team of the late 1990s. I would love to hear arguements for any other secondbasemen who were better than Alomar.